"The 'WAY' of 'True Love' to Harmony is NOT that of Science, but that of a 'Renaissance.'"

“Deception even when NOT a Deception” is the perfect transition & lead-in to “Equational Poetry’s” Quantum Proof that just like Freud, Eienstein was a government employed fraud. Here’s why:

Eienstein’s theory of relativity relates to “Time-Space” but it falls to pieces at the Quantum Level because it’s meant for us to live in a bubble, of deception, & “Equational Poetry” has the “Proof in Poetry:”

“The proof is in a Poem:,” . . . ..remember? . . . ..sometimes one must take a step back before looking a back to find what one is looking for” The look back is time, while the step back is space.

Eienstein’s theory of relativity is “Carnal Knowledge” as in knew and structural. It falls to pieces at the quantum level due to the Quantum Equation for “True Love” that represents “Truth in MORE!!!!” One must open, inner heart’s door!

A step back while looking a back through a “Picture Painting” will debunk “The Theory of Relativity.”